Memorial Service

The MRA Honor Guard is all-volunteer.

We, the MRA Honor Guard members and the Officers of the MRA are very sorry for your loss, and we know this is a difficult and trying time. Thank you for allowing us the honor of presenting at the service.
We know you are busy, but know that our thoughts, our prayers and our strength go with you.

We ask that you allow us to provide all or some of the listed services, so that your family, friends, fellow SAR members in the community, and the community at large may be shown not only our appreciation for your loved one’s contribution to SAR in your community, but also to the family for supporting him/her.

It is the duty of an honor guard to provide these services in such a way that the family does not bear a burden for them – we do the work.

NOTHING is a written in stone, we are flexible. It is critical to us that whatever we do, that it is what the family wants. We can do all of it, or just portions.

If at all possible, we ask that you add one additional day for west coast services, two additional days for east coast services before the service to allow an honor guard to plan and gather resources.

We also endeavor to be additional support to your family. We try to help with any arrangements, with setting up the service, and we will help clean up afterward.

If you feel odd about this, it is very understandable. If you would like to speak with other MRA people who have observed an Honor Guard detail or a memorial for an MRA family member, we can give you the names and numbers so you may ask them their experience of it.

The MRA Honor Guard will cheerfully and humbly accept contributions toward transportation and providing services.

We rely on local pipers or bugler who do not charge, unless the local unit can pay for them.

By completing a “Questionnaire”, it will help us immensely with basic information, and the “Sample Memorial Service” is your guide to services we humbly offer.

Historical Notes

The MRA Flag we carry bears the MRA Founders Streamer, made from the MRA Tartan and the patches of the founding units of the MRA.

The axes we carry have been refurbished and the Austrian made wood and stainless steel ones belonged to the first President of the MRA Dick Pooley of the Hood River Crag Rats, the US Army 10th Mountain Division (a founding agency of the MRA!), WWII member Gordon Stucker who also founded the MRA Alpine Rescue Team in Colorado. The two others that are old Thunderbird axes which were donated by MRA President (1970-1972) Dave Moore (Colorado).