The Mountain Rescue Association: The 2,500 members of the national Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) are considered the heroes of the outdoors. Your product can be too. Align your brand with a highly respected authentic outdoor non-profit – the MRA. Universally recognized as experts in the mountains and backcountry, the highly trained professional rescuers of the MRA are the beacons of hope for lost hikers, skiers and snowboarders, mountaineers, rock climbers as well as hikers, hunters and backpackers. When folks who love the outdoors find themselves in need of rescue, the members of the national MRA answer the call for help in the middle of the night and in the worst conditions. They are the unsung humble heroes of the outdoors.

By funding the training and public education activities, our Partners are supporting the MRA in in “saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education” across the U.S. Offering several sponsorship levels, we invite organizations and individuals to help us extend the impact of the MRA. We’ve provided a brief description of each level below, and encourage you to contact us directly for a complete introduction to the benefits your organization will enjoy as MRA partners.

For additional information regarding the ways you can become a key partner in MRA’s continuing success, please contact
Dawn Wilson, dawn.wilson@alpinerescueteam.org,  (303) 453-9110

Why Partner with the MRA

The MRA is a non-profit organization composed of 86 accredited units, for a total of over 2,500 members. Serving as the only national search and rescue team accreditation organization, the MRA ensures that local units meet the professional-level safety and training standards required to meet the needs of their community of outdoor enthusiasts. These local units:

  • Perform over 2,500 Search and Rescue missions in a year
  • Log a combined 50,000 mission hours on those rescues
  • Accumulate 45,000 hours in high-level technical training
  • Deliver over 6,000 hours of public education on climbing and mountain safety, reaching over 27,000 people.

By developing marketing partnerships with the MRA, your products and services will be identified as cutting edge, reliable and top of the line by the outdoor gear consumer. If your product meets the demands of the toughest heroes in the backcountry, then it will provide the highest level of performance and comfort to your customers. Wearing your product will lend a sense of security to those who choose your product as well: just like the MRA, your gear makes it safer to pursue the outdoor lifestyle, and your customer will feel that. By partnering with the MRA, your company has a unique opportunity to create powerful marketing campaigns with the outdoor rescue community.

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