Rocky Mountain Region –

In 1966 the Colorado-Wyoming Regional Council of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) was formed. The original purpose of this Regional Council was to serve the function of evaluation of prospective organizational members as well as assisting these groups in meeting the MRA standards and qualifications.

Shortly after the formation of the Colorado-Wyoming Regional Council five new teams became members giving the Region seven (7) member teams. Later on the name was changed to the Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association

The Rocky Mountain Region of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) currently has nineteen (19) member teams and provides the platform to accredit the best mountain rescue teams in the world. Fifteen (15) of our member teams are fully accredited.

The Rocky Mountain Region includes Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico. Our member teams are the “best of the best” and we prove it on a regular basis. Only the best teams can call themselves members of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Every five years our member teams are tested extensively in the areas of:

  • Search
  • High Angle Technical Rescue
  • Scree Field Evacuation
  • Winter Rescue
  • Avalanche Operations

This testing is the most extensive of all of the Mountain Rescue Association regions in the nation and the model for international standards.

All member teams of the Rocky Mountain Region of the MRA stand solidly on the principal of “No Charge for Rescue”. Our member teams have never charged for their services. We understand why you go to these places and encourage you to go, because we do as well. We want you to be safe, be educated, be prepared, and to have fun; but we also know that “stuff” happens, even to those of us who are well equipped and experienced in the backcountry.