MountainSafety.Info for MRA Members

MountainSafety.Info is an international knowledgebase for best practices in Mountain Safety developed by subject matter experts worldwide. 

A large collection of learning and teaching material is available to MRA members for download for free from the site through the Mountain Rescue Association’s subscription.  This is an excellent tool for building a training program, use in a member manual, or just for personal skills review.  

The MRA has a long tradition of providing ongoing educational tools to teams and individuals.  Access to MountainSafety.Info is part of the effort of sharing and increasing knowledge and skills so that we can perform our mountain rescues more safely and effectively.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Oyvind Henningsen the MountainSafety.Info Coordinator for the MRA at

Presented by:
Oyvind Henningsen
MountainSafety.Info Coordinator

Charley Shimanski
MRA Education Director

For a pdf presentation on setting up your personal access click here.

MountainSafety.Info training by
M. Genswein