How can I join the Mountain Rescue Association?

The Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) is comprised of highly-skilled, active mountain rescue teams from around the country, and has stringent requirements for membership. The teams themselves make up the Association, therefore individual memberships are NOT available.

To become accredited by MRA, each regular member team must pass three different tests based on guidelines drawn up by the Association. These tests are conducted on appropriate terrain by at least three current MRA teams working together to evaluate the applicant group being tested. The tests involve high-angle rescue (rock rescue), Ice and snow, and wilderness search.

Once a team has achieved full MRA status, it is expected that the new members will be trained to MRA guidelines and tested accordingly by their team. MRA qualified personnel within teams are called Rescue Members. Accredited teams must re-test every five years to maintain their accreditation in the Mountain Rescue Association.

Because MRA teams are test-qualified by their peers, local, state, and federal agencies feel confident about working with them on search and rescue operations.

Qualified teams work hard for accreditation. Members meeting MRA guidelines are proud to wear the blue and white MRA patch. If you represent a team that is interested in MRA membership click here.