Ernst Peter
Dino Crameri
Mario Brunoldi
February 28th 1937

Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Grison
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Hans Messmer
February 1st 1942

Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Valais
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Franc Talar
Miran Marn
August 19th 1942

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Crevasse Fall

Joos Bezzola
Hans Denoth
Johannes Goette
Julius Raehm
Arthur Roth
Ernst Thut
January 19th 1951

Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Grison
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Tony Deane
March 9th 1958

National Ski Patrol
Avalanche Rescue
Avalanched, Easter Bowl, Mt. Ogden, UT

Charles Carman, CAP
Harold Horn, CAP
September 2nd 1959

Mt. Rainier National Park, WA
Search Mission

Tom Dumay
June 28th 1963

Glacier National Park, MT
Water Body Recovery

Frank Shults
March 23rd 1964

Great Smokey Mountain National Park, NC
Plane Crash Rescue
Heart Attack

James Lawler
William Shaner
May 21st 1966

Fire Island National Seashore, NY
Surf Rescue.

Pietro Zanzi
November 4th 1966

Schweizer Alpen-Club
Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Tessin
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Brian Watts
May 27th 1969

Mountain Club of South Africa SAR Team
Body Recovery, Rope Abrasion

Dennis Long
August 6th 1969

Isle Royale National Park, MI
Lake Rescue

Dr. Gorazd Zavrnik
Franc Stajer
June 29th 1975

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Helicopter Accident

Franz Gisler
January 3rd 1976

Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Valais
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Jack Dorn – Climber
May 23rd 1977

Yosemite National Park SAR, CA
Rescue Mission.
Apparent fall from exposed trail.

Captain John Dunnavant, US Army
Captain Terrance Woolever, US Army
Sgt. Floyd Smith, US Army
Lt. Col. Ray Maynard, CAP
January 4th 1978

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, NC
Rescue Mission.
Rotary Wing Accident.

Reserve Deputy James L. Epp
March 1, 1978

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Jeep Posse, AZ
Flood Rescue.
Drowned during rescue attempt.

Volodja Tkacev
July 8th 1979

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Training, Helicopter Accident

Pilot Don Mahoney
Pat Kidgell
Roy Lewis
Tom Sanders
September 11th 1980

North Cascades National Park, WA
Aircraft Crash Search Mission.
Rotary Wing Accident.

Franc Zupan
July 9th 1982

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Slip on Glacier

Mike Rudall (Nog)

Bridgend Mountain Rescue, Scotland
Rescue, Rockfall

Felice Gadola
February 9th 1984

Swiss Alpine Club, Rescue Section, Grison
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Police Sgt. Harry Lawrie (BEM)
February 1st 1987

Killin Mountain Rescue Team, Scotland
Alpine Rescue,
Helicopter Accident

Paul Neher
May 27th 1990

Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, Vandans
Rescue, Struck by Rockfall

James Matthews, CAP
Clayton Reed, CAP
October 2nd 1991

Everglades National Park, FL
Fixed Wing Accident

Karl W. Reishus
May 3rd 1992

Juneau Mountain Rescue, AK
Fall from tower.

Patrick Sheehan
November 26th 1992

Parks Canada Training Climb

Jakob Ornik
January 1st 1993

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Unknown

Pilot Gary McCall
Nurse Sandy Sigman
July 9th 1994

Flight For Life, CO
Medical Evacuation, 12,200 ft ASL
Rotary Wing Accident.

Simon Parboosingh
August 31st 1994

Parks Canada, Banff
Avalanche Training

Ski Patroller
Early-mid 1990s

National Ski Patrol, Mt. Hood, OR
Avalanche Rescue

Rebecca Needham Anderson, RN
April 19th 1995

Oklahoma City, OK
USAR Search and Recovery.
Falling debris.

Jürgen Pregenzer
May 10th 1995

Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, Dornbirn
Rescue, Struck by Rockfall

Pilot Peter Crown
Officer Bryant Bayne
Officee Tate Kahaki
July 21st 1995

Honolulu PD, HI
Search Mission.
Rotary Wing Accident.

Janez Plevel
January 17th 1997

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Avalanched

Dr. Jani Kokalj
Mitja Brajnik
Luka Karnicar
Rado Markic
Boris Mlekuz
June 10th 1997

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Training, Helicopter Accident

Pilot Stan Berg
Paramedic Tim Hynes
Nurse Shayne Carnahan
January 11th 1998

University of Utah Hospital AirMed, UT
Medical Evacuation.
Rotary Wing Accident.

June 18, 2000

Mount Asakusa, Niigata, Japan
Searchers. Avalanched

Captain Christer Calla
Co-Pilot Sven Hjalmarsson
Flight Engineer Lennart Söderlund
August 11th 2000

Swedish Armed Forces, Sweden
Rescue Mission, Rotary Wing Accident.

Mountain Rescuer Edy Gross
Mountain Rescuer Nicholas Gaspoz
February 3rd 2001

Maison FXB du sauvetage, Switzerland
Rescue Mission, Avalanched.

Mountain Rescuer
August 9th 2001

Austrian Mountain Gendarmerie
Schneeberg, Tyrol
Crevasse Drill

Posseman Bruce Cox
August 30th 2001

Maricopa County Sheriff’s Posse, AZ
Evidence Search, Cardiac Arrest.

400 Firefighters, Police Officers and Emergency Responders
September 11th 2001

World Trade Center, NY
Urban Search and Rescue, Evacuation
Building Collapse.

Staff Sgt. Doug Eccleston, PJ
December 7th 2001

USAF 920th Rescue Group, Patrick AFB, FL
Sea Rescue Mission.

Marek Labunowicz
Bartlomiej Olszanski
December 30th 2001

Tatra Mountain Rescue Service, Poland
Avalanche Rescue, Avalanched

Ranger Mike Wynn
January 13th 2002

Jasper Park SAR, Parks Canada
Patrol Mission, Avalanched.

Ingo Montibeller, 49
June 22nd 2002

Austrian Mountain Rescue Service, Partenen
Rescue, Fall at Vallülaspitze

Aron Bitschnau
October 10th 2002

Austrian Mountain Rescue, Austria
Schruns-Tschagguns Unit
Enroute rescue, MVA

Heinrich Vogt
October 14th 2002

Austrian Mountain Rescue, Austria
Training, Bodensee.
Rotary Wing Short Haul Accident.

Martin Cufar
February 3rd 2003

Slovenian Mountain Rescue
Rescue, Avalanched