Herb Sortland
January 25th 1925

Rocky Mountain National Park, CO
Alpine Rescue Mission.
Long’s Peak

John P. Baker
Vernon Kaiser
June 22nd 1947

Yellowstone National Park, WY
Rescue Mission

Frederick C. Scheberies
1937 – Jan 11 1964

China Lake Mountain Rescue Group, CA
Ice Climb fall, Whitney Portal.

Richard O. Slates 1936 – Dec 21, 1966
China Lake Mountain Rescue Group, CA
Search Mission.
High altitude fall, Telescope Peak.

Don P. Buck
Denis L. Huestis
1935 – January 19th 1969

Los Padres SAR (Santa Barbara County SAR), CA
Flood rescue.
Drowned during flood rescue attempt of child

Charles D. “Chuck” Rea
1934 – January 26th 1969

Montrose SAR, CA
Flood rescue.
Drowned during flood rescue evacuations

Albert Dow January 25th 1982
Mountain Rescue Service Lion’s Head, NH
Rescue Mission.

Greg Mace July 6th 1986
Mountain Rescue Aspen, CO
Training Mission
Ice Fall

Pilot Terry C. Leadens “One November Hotel”
1948 – August 12th 1988

Civil Air Patrol, CO
MRA “Family by extension” of Alpine Rescue Team, CO
Search Mission.
Fixed Wing Accident.

Lisa Kern Hannon
May 2nd 1994

Blue Ridge Mountain Rescue Group/ Appalachian SAR Conference, W. VA
Search Mission.
Car accident enroute home from IC duty.

Ranger Sean H. Ryan
Ranger Phillip J. Otis
August 12th 1995

Mt. Rainier National Park SAR, WA
Rescue Mission.
Apparent Glacier Fall.

Pilot Kevin Johnston, NPS
Ranger Taryn Hoover, NPS
Rita McMahon, West Coast Search Dogs (non MRA)
September 12th 1997

Olympic National Park, WA
Search Mission.
Rotary Winged Accident.

Officer Russ Peterson
1959 – March 24th 1998

Las Vegas Metro PD SAR, NV
Ice Climbing Drill.
Hit by ice chunk falling

Mike Vanderbeek
1965 – May 24th 1998

Denali National Park SAR, AK
Rescue Mission.
Apparent fall in high altitude alpine conditions.

Cale Schaffer
Adam Kolff
Brian Paul Reagan
Pilot Don Bowers
June 19, 2000
Denali National Park SAR, AK
Duty Station Deployment Mission.
Fixed Wing Accident.